Startup studio
We generate and validate product hypotheses by ourself, finance projects' pre-seed stage, develop products in-house on our place and raise further investments.
We create working businesses.
How we work
Hypotheses generation
and validation
At this stage, we develop product hypotheses based on internal mechanisms or collect them from the student community. Each hypothesis undergoes a two-stage validation that analyzes technical feasibility, market size, and many other factors.
Making "deck" and pre-seed stage
When the hypothesis is approved, it is placed on the project launch schedule. At a certain point, a hypothesis is initiated and a "deck" is drawn up from it - a short presentation of the project. On the basis of the "deck", a pre-seed round is approved and funds are allocated from the internal fund for the next stage of development.
Development of MVP+
and seed stage
Next, we develop MVP, create media content, website, test the market and collect pre-orders. In parallel, we determine the cost of the product, calculate the unit economics and carry out financial modeling. As a result of this stage, we prepare a standard set of documents to attract seed investments.
Product refinement and
Series A
After receiving the seed round, the most crucial stage of work begins - the product is finalized to meet market requirements, taking into account the minimization of the cost of production, logistics, warehousing and other stages of the product life cycle. As a result of this stage, a small series of products is released, sent on pre-orders, and feedback is collected from the first customers. If it does not suit us, we return the product for revision, if everything is fine, we prepare for scaling and raise Series A.
Further development
As a result of raising series A, serial production of the product begins, sales through current channels and work with distributors in countries adjacent to the target market. At this stage, the company leaves the control of the parent company (AddLab). If possible, the parent company also withdraws from the project capital, and the funds received are returned to the internal pre-seed fund.
If you are interested in investing in our startups at Seed / Series A stages or our internal pre-seed fund, please click on the button below. Do the same if you want to work with us as a freelancer or if you want to collaborate on a team as a full-time employee. If you have a bright idea for a material-based product and you would like to share it with us so that we can implement it together, we assume you have already guessed what needs to be done.