We fill internal closed-end fund.
6 projects in 2021.
Fund size: $180'000.
Expected profitability: ×4
Fund lifetime is 2 years
We accept tranches in multiples of $9,000, which is equivalent to 5% of the fund.
2 years after the start of the fund (when the entire amount is collected), it closes. All funds are distributed according to the share in the fund.
The fund finances internal projects of the start-up studio ADDLAB+1. The fund manager makes decisions on the financing of projects based on the "decks" provided by the expert group.
is distributed over 6 projects, the fund receives a 6% share in each of them. The startup assumes the obligation to repurchase the stake upon the attraction of Series A according to the company's valuation at that time.

The survival rate of startups (vitality) ranges from 16.7% to 33.3%: this is the share of projects that successfully attract Series A within a year after attracting pre-seed.
This means that 1 or 2 projects out of 6 will reach serial production.
Growth multiplier of a startup's assessment from the pre-seed stage to the stage
Series A - from 10 to 16 (the valuation of a 6% share grows from $30'000 to $300'000-$480'000).

Depending on the vitality indicators and the growth multiplier for each of the projects, at the time the fund is closed, it will have from $ 180,000 to $ 720,000.
This financial instrument is a good portfolio asset, competing with other highly profitable risky investments.
You can track activity of portfolio projects through the internal information system, where you can find "decks" of confirmed projects and temporary reports. Every two weeks, for each of the projects, a report on the results of the sprint is generated and saved in the system, and once a quarter, we broadcast presentation with results of our work and present new devices. You will be able to track the dynamics of the development of each project and download the data if necessary. For a deeper analysis, we can provide guest access to Asana.
What happens then with this money?
We allocate $30,000 for each project, with these money the product is being developed to the level at which we attract the next round of investments from Seed funds. Unspent money are returned to the fund, since different projects require a different budget. For more complex projects we allocate a little more money from the savings.
You can read more about the product development process at this stage on this page.
We will be happy to discuss cooperation, call or write to the e-mail, we also use Telegram @addlab1 for communication. We can hold a personal meeting in our office in Moscow or visit you in CIS.
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Marat Saakyan
E-mail: sms@addlab.tech