Marat Saakyan
Project management
Bachelor of strategic management, HSE
Master of innovation management, HSE

Worked on the development of 50+ devices in Skolkovo, knows exactly how much money and time it will take.
An expert in additive technologies.
Marat understands a large number of production technologies - knows from whom and how best to prototype and manufacture.
Knows how to work in a team - quickly builds relationships and communicates within the team.
PMBook, PRINCE2, Agile and P3Express.

Denis Saitgareev
Industrial designer
Master of industrial design, MSTU them. N.E.Bauman
One of the best industrial designers in Russia for wearable devices and transport logistics. He has extensive applied experience, has implemented over 100 projects, including the Hoversurf S3 flying motorcycle and the Clevercopter medical drone. High rendering speed at the first stages of the project allows you to create an MVP in 2 weeks.
Denis teaches Industrial Design at the MSTU them. N.E.Bauman.
Alexander Strogonov
Design engineer
Engineer of the Faculty of Special Mechanical Engineering, MSTU them. N.E.Bauman
Works well in tandem with a designer - works with him in the same environment and communicates quickly. Extensive experience in designing non-standard projects, skills in thermal simulations, calculating mechanical loads and aerodynamics allows him quickly understand any project. He is well versed in the peculiarities of different technologies, adapts geometry for single or mass production. Therefore, the design documentation is immediately sent for production, without technological adaptation.
Co-founder of Imperial Factory.
Dmitriy Zanrazhnov
Hardware engineer
Bachelor of the Faculty of Aerophysics and Space Research, MIPT
Master's degree at the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics, MIPT
Develops electronics, writes low-level software and creates prototypes on our production plant.
"Animates" the devices we create.
Works great with programmers, engineers and designers. An expert in the field of electronics, network technologies and physics, within the expert group makes decisions on the technical feasibility of devices. He works directly with foreign partners, which allows using components in projects that have not yet entered the mass market.
George Tarzanyan
Prototyping manager
Bachelor of strategic management, HSE
Master of Biotechnology, MSU
Specialist in biotechnology and production process management. He has extensive experience in projects of various series, from single batches to small series of hundreds of prototypes.
Implements large-scale production of housing elements, electronics and assembly lines for end devices. While working at Skolkovo, he managed projects in various fields, such as aviation, medical, hardware and military.
Victoria Strogonova
Specialist of Economics, RSHU
8 years in PUMA Russia, in the role of Marketing Director of the "Russia, CIS, Ukraine" region, she was responsible for the brand's marketing strategy, its implementation, budgeting, team and project management, interaction with other departments, headquarters and strategic partners. She has managed teams of over 30 people, including PR, media and digital agencies.
As part of the PUMA team, she provided 20% annual business growth, monthly PR value of more than 150k€. Since 2017, she has brought the brand to the top-20 most beloved brands in Russia (OMI research), has successfully implemented more than 100 advertising integrations.

Yaroslav Zuev
Software engineer
Develops high-level software, is front / back-end developer, leads software development projects. Over 7 years of experience in IT. The head of a company that creates corporate portals, mobile applications and other software. Key project customers include: Russian Railways, ROSCOSMOS, ROSSETI, MIG, RUSAL, UAC and the Ministry of Economic Development.
Olga Danko
Product analyst
Bachelor of the Faculty of Aerophysics and Space Research, MIPT
Master in Information Systems and Technology, Skoltech
Leads product analytics and technical analysis. Conducts research, analyzes growth metrics and product metrics, conducts A/B tests, works with data using Python and SQL, independently writes internal systems for working with information. Herself created a warehouse accounting system for electronic components on our production plant, ensures the operation of the server and internal IT - studio infrastructure.
Michael Lunyov
Graphic and motion designer
Creative designer specialized in complex brand design: creating identity, visualizations, motion content.
Renders products in the environment, creating photo-realistic images and videos.
In the studio, he develops packaging, web design and manages external contractors.
Alena Bodanova
Market analyst and external expert manager
Bachelor and master of strategic management, HSE
Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young.
She is engaged in market analytics and works with external experts, conducts interviews, focus groups.
Analyzes the external environment of the project, industry trends, value chains and makes decisions about the implementation of the solution into the market.
Yan Markov
Financial analyst
Bachelor in Logistics, HSE, Prague, Czech Republic
Has been involved in financial modeling at Nestlé in Prague for the last 3 years.
In the studio, he builds financial models, calculates unit economics, coordinates project budgets, calculates financial performance metrics, predicts the need for investments and develops a financial strategy for each project and the studio as a whole.
Makes decisions about the initiation of projects and controls the funds of the organization.

Petr Batrakov
Media content manager
Bachelor of Computer Sciences, Financial University
Creates media-content for projects, takes photos, shoots and edits videos. Works with light, sound, script and creates a quality product.
Works well with a motion designer.

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